“Silver Easel” announced and awarded the winners


22 October 2016
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Uzhhorod, Saturday, 22 October. It was the grand finale of the art autumn in Transcarpathia – all-Ukrainian student contest in painting “Silver Easel”. The members of jury and Organizing Committee, representatives of the mass media and educational institutions, numerous art lovers and students-contestants gathered in the lobby of the Transcarpathian Regional State Administration to summarize four days of the contest and announce the winners of three nomination stages. 

Since the early morning 132 contest works with still wet paint were exhibited along the marble atrium waiting for the verdict of the distinguished jury. All 13 members of the jury, including 3 laureates of the National Prize named after T. Shevchenko, 3 academicians, 5 People’s and 1 Honoured Artists of Ukraine, 1 Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine, for more than an hour were analysing and actively discussing the masterpieces of the contestants. Eventually they selected the first 8-10 contenders to win in each category – “Cityscape”, “Landscape”, and “Portrait”. Then came the secret vote, and thus it was finally determined the winners.

Opening the ceremonial part of the event, Head of the Organizing Committee of “Silver Easel” Robert Brovdi expressed his gratitude to the jury members and everybody who took part and supported the contest. According to him, ““Silver Easel” is just the beginning of large-scale cultural project that was matured for many years and the implementation of which was finally started. Today, holding this bright contest, we set a goal to make this contest of young students from the whole country in the Transcarpathia an annual event. And this is the first step in the concept, which we worked out and will implement in the future."

Taking the floor to welcome the contestants and participants of the ceremony, Rector of the Transcarpathian Academy of Arts Ivan Nebesnyk said that "in addition to competitiveness, the main success of this contest is that you get acquainted with Transcarpathia, Uzhhorod and with each other. We are pleased that you have visited us and hope you will happily recollect the contest and time spent in our land".

A pleasant surprise for the organizers and jury of the contest was the speech of the student of “Lviv Polytechnic National University” Volodymyr Tsapuk, who expressed the consolidated impression of “Silver Easel” contestants.

"On behalf of all participants I would like to sincerely thank the organizers. As we were pleasantly surprised how we were met. We know that Uzhhorod is a very hospitable city. Still, we are students, even so we were greeted as true artists! We had the best conditions, hotel, transfer to the contest locations, constant support. Nothing distracted us from the art, because the organizers thought of everything! And the last contest stage, that live classical music, the unique atmosphere! We are very grateful for this contest," – he concluded.

Upon the opening speeches, it was held the awarding of memorable prizes and valuable gifts. In particular, each of the contestants received special diplomas, certificates, and catalogues of works of the founder of the Transcarpathian school of painting Adalbert Erdeli and Honoured Artist of Ukraine Anton Shepa. Memorable diplomas were also awarded to all members of the jury.

And finally it came to the culmination of the ceremony – awarding of the contest winners. First of all, according to the decision of the Organizing Committee, three contestants were awarded with the special incentive prizes: Alina Shcherban (Cherkasy State Technological University), Yaryna Radomska (Ukrainian Academy of Printing (Lviv)) and Olha Marchenko (Kherson National Technical University).

According to the results of the jury secret voting, the winners of all-Ukrainian student contest in painting “Silver Easel” were:

In the nomination «Cityscape»

The 1st place – Taras Hodvan (Transcarpathian Art Academy, Uzhhorod)

The 2nd place – Valeriia Isaieva (National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv)

The 3rd place – Maksym Hospodynchyk (Transcarpathian Art Academy, Uzhhorod)

In the nomination «Landscape»

The 1st place – Maryna Zevako (Poltava National Technical University named after Y. Kondratiuk)

The 2nd place – Taras Hodvan (Transcarpathian Art Academy, Uzhhorod)

The 3rd place – Bohdan Bieliei (Poltava National Technical University named after Y. Kondratiuk)

In the nomination «Portrait»

The 1st place – Taras Hodvan (Transcarpathian Art Academy, Uzhhorod)

The 2nd place – Maryna Zevako (Poltava National Technical University named after Y. Kondratiuk)

The 3rd place – Maksym Hospodynchyk (Transcarpathian Art Academy, Uzhhorod)

The winners of “Silver Easel” received the nomination figurines, cash prizes, and special diplomas of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, winning the loud applause of the audience. The winners were congratulated and awarded by the academicians Andrii Chebykin and Oleksandr Fedoruk, artists Anatolii Kryvolap, Borys Kuzma and Petro Hulyn, Rector of Transcarpathian Art Academy Ivan Nebesnyk, People's Deputy of Ukraine Valerii Lunchenko, Head of the Transcarpathian Regional Council Mykhailo Rivis.

Addressing the attenders, People's Deputy of Ukraine and co-founder of the Transcarpathian Art Foundation Valerii Lunchenko noted that in connection with plenary parliamentary week "unfortunately, I was not able to be here with you, but I attentively monitored all the events that took place in my native Transcarpathia. And that positive information about the contest, which was represented in social networks and mass media, testify that “Silver Easel" became popular and successful."

"Today I looked over all contest works and I would like to say that our country has a great creative potential and promising future. I believe in those young people who are present here today and who are our future. I am convinced that a lot of interesting events and great things lie ahead of us," – Valerii Lunchenko emphasised.

Upon the awarding ceremony, all participants of the event had a chance to see the full exposition of the contest works and take photo with the contestants. Thus, in such a way the first national student painting contest “Silver Easel” ended in the capital of the Silver Land – in Uzhhorod!

The organizers of the contest express their sincere gratitude to all students-participants, their creative advisors and educational establishments. They also hope that five days of the unique Transcarpathian autumn gave the participants great creative experience and new knowledge, pleasant emotions and unforgettable impressions.
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“Silver Easel” announced and awarded the winners


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