• 25-29 April
  • Uzhhorod,
    Transcarpathian region.
  • 5 contest days
  • 3 nominations



Winners of special awards

About the contest

All-Ukrainian student contest in painting “Silver Easel” is held among the students of the 2-6 years of higher educational establishments of the III-IV levels of accreditation, majoring in “fine art, decorative art, restoration” and “design”.

The main objective of the contest is the implementation by the participants of contest works - works of easel painting. The contest works are performed and evaluated in three categories: two genre works (oil painting) – “Cityscape” and “Portrait” and one optional - “Improvisation” (oil painting or mixed technique). For the execution of works in each category it is provided one contest day (6 hours). Material – canvas of 50x60 cm and 60x70 cm. Paints – oil, tempera, acrylic.

The organizer and Organizing Committee provide: free accommodation, food, and transportation of the participants within the contest programme;

premises and locations for contest works implementation; canvases, easels, models, props; cultural and excursion programme.

According to the results of the contest it will be defined three winners in each category. The prize fund is as follows: 1st place – 15 000 UAH, 2nd place - 10 000 UAH, 3rd place – 5 000 UAH. All contestants receive participation certificates and memorable gifts. Contest works are arranged and published in the printed art catalogue.

To take part in the contest it is held a pre-selection. Registration of applications and pre-selection of contenders will last till 18 April 2017.

The contest’s organizer is Art & Culture Foundation



About organizers

“Brovdi Art” is a non-profit, non-governmental, cultural, and art foundation aimed for creation of modern art space, implementation of innovative creative ideas and projects.

Our goal is to create quality, interesting and accessible platform that will unite classic and contemporary art, painting and sculpture, exposition and performance, the latest multi-media and traditional excursus, cultural and cognitive content, and high-quality leisure time. The platform of free creativity and convenient communication between artist and audience, tolerant to various artistic movements, styles and genres, open to the dialogue of philosophies, ideas and meanings, not limited by regional or narrowly cultural context.

Our profile - promotion of the creative activities of artists, identification and support of young talents; foundation of art museums, expositions and galleries; organisation of contests, exhibitions, plein-airs, master classes; popularization of classical and contemporary art; publishing of catalogues, albums, and books; co-operation with the creative unions, art centres, auctions, and educational institutions; information, cultural, and educational activities in mass media and social networks.

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