Anatoly Kryvolap: "An artist needs to have a dream and pursue it persistently!"


17 December 2017
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Famous artist in Ukraine and abroad, one of the most influential people in the contemporary Ukrainian art Anatoly Kryvolap became a permanent Jury member of the “Silver Easel” contest. How does he evaluate the works of our participants and what is his advice to the young artists? Such were our questions to the artist.

1-9.jpg — 288.10 kBAnatoly Kryvolap, an artist

– Anatoly, we are glad to see you at the “Silver Easel” for the third time! Potentially interesting artist - what is he for you? What are your criteria for selecting young artists?

– I have two criteria: in the nominations "Cityscape" and "Portrait", it is the academic training, purely professional qualities, reflecting the nature and accuracy of the painting, colour tones and the like. And in the nomination "Improvisation", I am interested in something different – I’d like to see the first attributes of the future artist. In general, my task is to identify potentially interesting artists who will be able to further develop their talent. This is exactly what is interesting!

– Among the Jury, there are the well-known Ukrainian artists. In your opinion, what should students learn from the eminent artists?

– The thing is, the creative people are individualities, and people with great skills are drastic individualists. Everyone goes his own way: what is good for one may be categorically unacceptable for another.

– What should be the artist’s nature?

– The artist needs to have a dream and pursue it persistently.

– And what is more important – talent or hard work?

– Talent. The thing is that talent is a sum of qualities: a natural talent, imagination and will to achieve one's vision, goal. The separately taken work won’t solve anything, except for improving the painting ability to the "average" level.

2-8.jpg — 333.11 kBAnatoly Kryvolap and Nataliya Brovdi (the co-founder of “Silver Easel” contest)

– A thoroughly considered idea or a spontaneous rush – what is close to you as an artist?

– I belong to the impulsive artists, ideas come suddenly to me. Of course, I can think of the idea for a long time, but there is a risk that it will eventually become exhausted. And even if I begin to implement it in my work, then it is unknown what will eventually come out. Therefore, the creative process is a kind of hunting, where it is important not to miss the idea and time of its implementation, to be able to react in time.

– Success factor – what is it about?

– This is a rhetorical question, but I can say, based on my own experience and knowledge of the history of art, that there is no unique recipe. There are two main factors – skills and work, which are closely interrelated. It even seems to me that natural endowment codes, programmes a person, and if she wants to quit painting, she cannot do it. It is both difficult and simple at the same time.

– What is your advice to the contestants?

– When a student, I tried, along with academic training, to constantly experiment, while searching for myself. Only someone who will choose for himself the most interesting model of vision can become a true artist. However, one more thing is important. Art is not a tourist route, where each point is known and agreed, but a trip when you were brought blindfolded to an unknown place and released – you can go where you want and do what you want. The art enriches emotions and accumulates internal creative reserves. It's important to be able to feel and use them. It's never to be forgotten by young artists!

viber-image.jpg — 504.68 kBAnatoly Kryvolap

–  It is very nice of you Anatoly to come to the contest! It seems to me that our students-contestants are very lucky to have the opportunity to communicate with world-class artists like you, get advice, listen, be able to hear and get benefit from this. This is an incentive for the further work and new projects! We wish you to get inspiration from Transcarpathia, and we, in our turn, are looking forward to your new works.

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Anatoly Kryvolap: "An artist needs to have a dream and pursue it persistently!"