Andrii Voznytskyi: "The uniqueness of the "Silver Easel" is that students from different parts of Ukraine and Europe can create here, improvise within the atmosphere of Transcarpathia."


07 December 2017
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Open, charismatic, extremely friendly, with a sincere smile and full of energy – this is all about Andrii Voznytskyi. The grandson of the legendary academician, art historian, guardian angel of Ukrainian museums and cultural heritage Borys Voznytskyi! The people do not become talented, they are born to be talented. By going a long way of learning, Andrii has become a master whose works are admired by the whole art world! And together with his wife Olesia they created their own studio, the doors of which are always open for their guests and friends. It is impossible not to admire the creative atmosphere and interior, the extraordinary energy that covers, penetrates inside and fills you with light!

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This autumn the participants of the "Silver Easel" had the opportunity to feel the wonderful atmosphere of the masters’ studio. Our students came to visit the couple in order to communicate and see the space where it is born new ideas and works. And now Andrii told us about his impressions after this meeting as well as about his experience as a member of the Expert Council, the way he chose the works and his general impressions of the contest.

 "I evaluated not the level of work, but the level of a young artist’s outlook."

 Andrii, this autumn, you joined the Expert Council of the "Silver Easel" contest for the first time. It is not easy to review hundreds of works! How did you evaluate, according to what criteria?

– The evaluation of works of art has no criteria. I evaluated not the level of work, but the level of a young artist’s outlook. A lot of people can do a nice work, but in the future, it will be appreciated not the beauty, but the idea. The artist should reveal the emotion and idea, communication with the viewer – I used and paid attention to these two principles.

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 Are you satisfied with the level of young artists?

– Yes, I am! Indeed, among the submitted works there were very strong, nice, and atmospheric ones. Generally, I noticed the high level of the contestants. Honestly speaking, it is much higher than in the days of my students’ years. 

"When you work and constantly enjoy it, it's cool!"

 Tell us about the meeting in your studio with the "Silver Easel" participants? Did you get a feedback?

 This was the second time when a lot of people came to our studio at a time! I am always glad to see our guests because communication with the world is very important for me. Students are the world of the future; they are people of the future. I am glad that I can to some extent influence the outlook of the future generation. I think it's important for art youth to see the right atmosphere where works are created and exhibited. And, probably, I got more impressions from this meeting than the students did! (He smiles. – Author) 

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– Andrii, I think you’ve already answered this question lots of time, but still, what did your creativity start with?

– My family is connected with art, our home library was full of books on art, so I’ve been painting since my childhood. As to sculpture, for the first time, I tried to create at the symposium of sculptors that took place in the Oleskyi Castle. I was a teenager, and older master created great sculptures in stone. I was curious, I asked them to try and I got stone and tools…I was very happy!

– What material do you work with?

 I work with clay, bronze, wood, stone. I cannot say that it is better or more convenient because every period of my life is associated with a certain material, from time to time I discover for myself new ones. I analyse every new material as one that can be suitable for creation or transformation – whether it is stone from the sea shore or the roots of an old tree. I try to imagine and think how the things around me can be transformed into some kind of creative thing…

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– What is important to you in creativity?

 I constantly ask myself this question and the answer is different every year. Creativity is a big part of my life that brings pleasure to me! Therefore, the main thing is sincerity in creativity. Circumstances often force the artist to imitate the trends of a certain time, but it's important not to follow it, but to choose your own way. You need to create sincerely – just like you feel...

– … and then creativity will bring pleasure, won’t it?

– Frankly, a lot of teachers told me that the artist should not be happy – he should suffer. I do not agree! Everything should be a creative pleasure! When you work and constantly enjoy it, it's cool!

 “It is important to choose your path and not to follow the requirements of the time. You need to create sincerely – just like you feel.”

 What is the uniqueness of the "Silver Easel" contest?

 "Silver Easel" is not only an extremely important event for the start of the young contestants but also the first sign of the grandiose changes in the artistic and cultural life of our region. The uniqueness of the contest is that students from different parts of Ukraine and the world can create, improvise within the atmosphere of Transcarpathia, and this is very interesting indeed!

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 Andrii, what do you think, why should young artists take part in the "Silver Easel"?

 First of all, "Silver Easel" means communication, trip, and interesting tasks. This is a powerful start. It is important for the artist to communicate, see something new, develop, set the task and find original ways to solve it. I think that participation in the contest will influence the world outlook and the further life of all the participants – this is facilitated by meeting new people and atmosphere of the contest.

 Your advice to young artists: how to find your way and feel happy?!

– Each young artist is full of his personal energy. It is expressed as much as possible. Students are original, but at the same time, they are influenced by the world around them. Therefore, it is very important not to succumb to external factors. In fact, success is a sense of happiness in life. You need to create your own pleasure – this is the happiness!

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– You know, your eyes are shining and it really feels like you're happy! It is cool when a person not only gives advice to young people but also lives in such a way! We wish your creative family a lot of inspiration and implementation of new projects!

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Andrii Voznytskyi: "The uniqueness of the "Silver Easel" is that students from different parts of Ukraine and Europe can create here, improvise within the atmosphere of Transcarpathia."