The laureates of “Silver Easel” in the art residency “Velykyi Pereviz”


03 September 2018
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The picturesque nature and famous attractions of Poltava region, art and space for the stretch of the imagination – everything is about the art residency “Velykyi Pereviz”, attended by the laureates of the “Silver Easel” special prize Zorian Sush and Sofiia Yesakova.

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The art residency “Velykyi Pereviz”, located in the village of the same name, hosted the participants of “Silver Easel” the second year in a row. The creative atmosphere created by Yurii Oslamovskyi and the well-known Ukrainian artists Tamara and Oleksandr Babak contributed to the positive mood and productive work of young talents.

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Sofiia Yesakova said: “In the art residency “Velykyi Pereviz”, we spent 10 perfect days with Tamara and Oleksandr Babak: we were working on their projects in a favourable atmosphere and pleasantly communicated. These days were unforgettable. During this time, I performed 7 works in minimalism, which I like very much. I wanted to convey my state and mood. In Velykyi Pereviz village I was very inspired by nature – almost deserted and mysterious, especially spectacular dawn and sunset. I will remember for a long time.”

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Tamara Babak admitted that most of all she wanted to create a creative atmosphere for the contestants, to attract them to work. “Young people always have the desire to work in such a way as to impress everyone. And you need to be reasonable in such a delicate matter. We guided them, giving advice, conducted master classes. And works performed there are ready for an exhibition. Young artists should be promoted, inspired, acquainted with something new and interesting. “Silver Easel” – a very serious contest and all the participants were really worthy applicants for a special prize. At the moment, we are very pleased with those whom we have chosen”.

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During their stay in the residency, the artists visited Hohol's places, they saw with their own eyes the famous Sorochynska Fair and other highlights of the area.

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“Visiting the residency was the opportunity to finally implement the project “Passers-by”, the idea of which had been born 3 years ago,” Zorian Sush said. “These are the images of people we meet every day on the streets, but their faces are not remembered clearly. At the moment, there are 7 large acrylic canvases. In fact, in the residency, I got round-the-clock support: tips, sincere conversations, and very tasty food! I have not previously taken part in the art residences and this experience is very useful. We were working, getting useful tips about contemporary art and improvement of quality and professionalism.”

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Let participation in this residency will be the impetus for the further fruitful work!

Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photo provided by the participants
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The laureates of “Silver Easel” in the art residency “Velykyi Pereviz”