Co-founder of Ukrainian Fashion Week Iryna Danylevska: "Thanks to the “Silver Easel” I discovered the art of Uzhhorod"


03 December 2017
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Famous and influential people come to Uzhhorod to the "Silver Easel" contest. This autumn, the co-founder and head of the organizing committee of the Ukrainian Fashion Week, the president of Ukrainian Fashion Council, founder of the Best Fashion Awards, the head of the organizing committee of the Contest for Young Designers "Look into the Future" Iryna Danylevska came to the town over the Uzh River at the invitation of Robert and Nataliya Brovdi. Iryna revealed her feelings about the contest in our conversation.

1.jpg — 180.46 kBIryna Danylevska

– Iryna, this autumn you came to Uzhhorod at the invitation of Nataliya and Robert Brovdi to the “Silver Easel” contest. What did impress you?

– I've known and loved Uzhhorod for a long time. For the first time, I visited this wonderful place 20 years ago. And I was lucky to see the famous Uzhhorod cherry blossoms! For me, Uzhhorod was associated with fashion, tourism and rest. Thanks to the "Silver Easel", I discovered the art of Uzhhorod.

– Young artists with easels in the streets, golden autumn of a cosy town, and an incredible atmosphere of creativity. What did you feel? What inspired you?

– I'm always inspired by people. During the “Silver Easel”, I had the pleasure of communicating with the jury members – world-renowned artists, with the contestants, and, of course, with Nataliya and Robert Brovdi - the authors and organizers of the event. Therefore, I returned to Kyiv not only with the wonderful emotions but also with a few specific ideas for the future projects. The trip inspired me. Special thanks to Nataliya and Robert for the invitation of Sergey Sviatchenko! The artist wasn’t in Ukraine very long. And at the "Silver Easel" we "discovered" him again, and he, in his turn, discovered a new Ukraine. I saw his eyes, his emotions, listened to his conversations with Oleg Tistol. I feel that something unexpected and beautiful awaits us!

2.jpg — 213.17 kBIryna Danylevska and General Producer of Ukrainian Fashion Week Volodymyr Nechyporuk

– What interesting did you discover during the competitive days?

– I saw that the whole town took part in the event. Especially, when it is nice and professional. I saw the reaction of the Uzhhorod citizens to young people with easels and canvases in the parks and streets. I believe that the "Silver Easel" will make Uzhhorod one of the artistic centres of Europe. And people will come not only to see cherry blossoms but also to the "Silver Easel". I can clearly see it in my mind. I believe in it as much sincerely as the Brovdis family believe in such a prospect for Uzhhorod! Thanks to them, in fact, I’m sure about it.

– You had the opportunity to see the future ART space being built by the co-founders of the Brovdi Art Foundation. What was your first thought?

– I thought it was the very place that could combine all art directions. This is a place that would be able to perfectly demonstrate the best of Ukrainian cultural trends of today.

– Lately, a lot of well-known brands have been united in collaborations. How do you think, is it possible to combine fashion and art? How can these two directions be interconnected?

– We do not just believe in the success of the collaboration between fashion and art, we contribute to it. Ukrainian Fashion Week is a place where fashion and art are interconnected. It is here where not only designers but also artists can present their art projects. For this purpose, we created the Art Space in the Mystetskyi Arsenal. Every time we impress the guests of the Fashion Week with new events that connect fashion and art. Fashion means not only clothes, it is a representation of the contemporary trends, human values, attitudes within the society ... These are emotions of seeing the beauty! Just like the art.

3.jpg — 247.37 kBIvan Frolov – a designer and Iryna Danylevska

– Iryna, we sincerely thank you for your frank conversation, for the contest support and for your belief in us, in the future of the Brovdi Art Foundation projects. It feels like you are a creative and very fragile person who supports the development of our country, and does a lot of useful things by supporting talented youth in the fashion industry! And let fashion and art join their efforts in different projects! You are an example for all of us!

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Co-founder of Ukrainian Fashion Week Iryna Danylevska: "Thanks to the “Silver Easel” I discovered the art of Uzhhorod"