Mykhailo Kyreito: ‘“Silver Easel” allows young talents to present themselves to the public’


15 December 2017
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The founder of the leading Ukrainian artistic portal ArtsLooker Mykhailo Kyreito considers the “Silver Easel” a unique art event. Each time the founder pays his attention and supports the contest, as well as awards talented artists with his own prizes. We asked Mykailo about his impressions from the autumn “Silver Easel”. 

1-8.jpg — 449.80 kBThe founder of the art portal ArtsLooker Mykhailo Kyreito

– Mykhailo, if you compare the autumn contest with the previous ones, what changes did you see?

–I see the essential changes! The main thing that I would like to comment on is that young artists felt free and departed from academicism! "Silver Easel" allowed them to fully free their imagination. It feels that artists are growing, developing. They understand what is relevant and what is not worth their time. One can say that they have adjusted to the art market, and this is a very positive trend!

"Silver Easel" allowed young artists to fully free their imagination!

– What day of the contest is the most memorable?

– Interesting and creative is the task "Portrait" – there are very original works. I consider self-portrait to be a very good idea! It feels another approach to "Improvisation" as well! In general, everyone has the right to choose his direction, someone prefers academicism, someone - contemporary trends, but most importantly - everyone should understand that one has to work in his own style and develop his own technique.

2-7.jpg — 537.49 kBDenys Metelin, a participant of the contest, who received the prize of Mykhailo Kyreito

– There are works, looking at which one would like to say "Wow"!?

– Yes, there are works the author of which has already developed his own style and that's good. But one cannot stop on it! The author should remember that he has to move forward for the viewer to have WOW-effect. Now I see that the level of performance has increased and the participants allow their imagination runs wild on the canvas, and that's cool! Generally, I think that among hundreds of participants there are those who will prove themselves, become famous all over the world, and will represent Ukraine on the world stage in the future!

 ‘“Silver Easel” is a unique event!’

The ArtsLooker prizes are always impressive. What's waiting for the winners this time?

– "Silver Easel" is a very interesting event, I would even say unique! Therefore, we joined the event as information partners of the contest and we have our own prizes. In particular, within the framework of our prize in the Kyiv art space "Sklo", it was held the first solo exhibition of the young artist Diana Faksh, whom we had awarded in spring 2017.

This time, together with the capital centre for contemporary art “M17”, we decided to organize an exhibition of the winners of the autumn "Silver Easel". It will most likely be held in Kyiv in the second half of March 2018. There will be presented not only the works of participants of the autumn "Silver Easel" but also the best works of all three contests. For the Kyiv residents and guests of the city have the opportunity to appreciate the art event and the works of young artists.

_-_Denys-Metelin_Lost-Paradise-109---ArtsLooker.jpg — 334.50 kBDenys Metelin "Lost Paradise" (іmprovisation)

What do you hear about us in the capital?

– There is too much talk about the contest in artistic circles! A lot of people know about "Silver Easel", and there are those who want to see the works alive! It is very good that this contest is held in Uzhhorod – an incredibly beautiful European town with a thousand-year history and rich cultural traditions! Therefore, one can come here and get acquainted not only with the art but also with the beautiful old town!

– Mykhailo, what emotions came up for you after “Silver Easel”?

– Everything is very cool! Good weather, golden autumn, romantic mood of the cosy old town... What could be better? Robert and Nataliya Brovdi organized the contest, as always, at a high level. Therefore, I would like to congratulate them, because now it is the anniversary of the contest establishment. I wish them success! Let the contest become much more international, so that not only Ukrainian but also foreign authors take part in it! I wish the "Silver Easel" prize to be considered as a solid title, and the contest to be written about in the world-famous publications!

– Thank you for your wishes, it's nice! And for your support and opportunity for young artists to present themselves! This is a great support for them. We wish you success and interesting projects!

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Mykhailo Kyreito: ‘“Silver Easel” allows young talents to present themselves to the public’