Prize-winner of the “Silver Easel” Zorian Sush: "After participating in such a project you will wake up a local star!"


10 February 2018
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New knowledge, explosive emotions and true friends – these are the first association of a student of the Ivan Frankivsk University named after King Danylo Halytskyi Zorian Sush. The young artist says that the mood and energy of the event motivated him to try his forces for the second time in autumn 2017. And not in vain – the boy became the laureate of a special prize from the contest partner Tamara Babak. Thus, in summer he will go to Poltava to the art residency "Velykyi Pereviz". Zorian told with what else “Silver Easel” brought into his life.

1.--.jpg — 378.26 kBZorian Sush

The boy notices that the difference between the spring and autumn "Easel" is huge. He admits: "Without a doubt, there are a lot of changes! And if you are from a small town like, for example, Ivano-Frankivsk, then you can be sure – after participating in such a project you will wake up a local star." The young man recalls: from the very first hours of his stay in Uzhhorod it became clear that the participants are not enemies or rivals, but friends.

2.-FAM_3379.jpg — 427.54 kBZorian Sush at the contest "Silver Easel"

"Silver Easel" is a place of meeting of 50 talented artists! During a week these people become best friends, teachers, and great support to each other. You absorb so much creative energy, that it's even hard to imagine! After the contest, you start thinking differently. Now I appreciate the time, start treating people differently and get more interested in contemporary art, design, seek for myself and my direction in life," the boy notes.

3.-img_0178.jpg — 230.66 kBWhile working on the portrait

After the contest, Zorian returned home, but, as he himself says, "Silver Easel" inspires him to work every day, find something new in himself, improve himself and learn from mistakes. "Now every time I try to paint something different. I have the ideas that I intend to bring to life. And I hope this will happen in summer in the art residency "Velykyi Pereviz" in Poltava," the artist says.

Searching for himself, the boy became interested in watercolour. And during the autumn "Silver Easel" he rediscovered contemporary art for himself. "During the contest, it's very difficult not to get under the influence of something new, but it's good!” Zorian recalls emotionally. “Special thanks to the organizers and partners of the contest, ArtHuss publishing house for the book ‘150 years of contemporary art in one pill’ – it is incredible!"

_---.-.-5060_Zorian-Sush_Cityscape-Uzhhorod-oil-on-canvas-5060-47.jpg — 511.19 kBZorian Sush "Cityscape", Uzhhorod

_-.-.-6050_Zorian-Sush_Portrait-acrylic-on-canvas-6050-54.jpg — 648.10 kBZorian Sush "Portrait"

_-.-.-7060_Zorian-Sush_Its-Dark-acrylic-on-canvas-70x60-130.jpg — 476.08 kBZorian Sush "'It's Dark" (improvisation)

The young artist ponders: "While you are a student, I think, you should not be tied to something else. I work with different materials, studying new techniques, looking for new lines and colours. But at the same time I try to be recognizable for the viewer, and over time, I will surely find my own technique."

Zorian, we wish you to find yourself and hope that we will hear about you as an individual, successful and distinguished artist more than once!

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Prize-winner of the “Silver Easel” Zorian Sush: "After participating in such a project you will wake up a local star!"