Olha Sobkovych, editor of "Fine Art" magazine: "Silver Easel" inspires!


05 December 2017
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This autumn, Olha Sobkovych, editor of "Fine Art" magazine, visited the "Silver Easel" contest for the first time. This powerful printed publication aimed at highlighting Ukrainian visual art, its history and contemporary context is an information partner of the contest. Olha was impressed by the atmosphere of the event and shared her opinion about the contest.

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Editor of "Fine Art" magazine Olha Sobkovych

"Currently, the format and international character of the Student Contest In Painting "Silver Easel" is the only one in an all-Ukrainian context," Olha Sobkovych told. It is important at least in two aspects which we will try to outline (although they are not the only ones).

First, the mission of the contest is to support students-artists and give them the opportunity to express themselves not only at the contest but also in the future. And we emphasize this because the organizers of the contest take care of the further development of students participating in creative projects besides the contest itself (in the form of trips to the world art centres – Paris, Rome, Bilbao, works in art residencies, participation in exhibitions).

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The event peculiarity is the focus on students. Competitive conditions allow young artists, on the one hand, to remain in comfort zone (performing portraits and landscapes), and on the other - to go beyond the genre standards, demonstrating their "school" and own creative outlook. In this context, the most intriguing task is still "Improvisation". It reveals what we can define as "thinking", "creative thinking" of the artist (and it is hard to cope with). Therefore, the contest is an unbiased identifier of the strengths of the contemporary artistic education in Ukraine and, at the same time, the disadvantages that should be considered by the higher educational establishments.

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It is clear that the support of student contest is a risk, because young people still develop their skills, looking for their own path in the contemporary art. However, this is worth the risk, because it is a contribution to the future!

Secondly, "Silver Easel" revives and draw attention to the art of Uzhhorod, helping to decentralize the artistic life of Ukraine, which is in line with the European practice for organizing competitions, festivals, and large international exhibitions in small cities.

It should be noted the high level of the contest organization. Everything was undertaken tactfully and with respect for the participants. It feels the profound and at the same time extremely sincere approach of its founders - the Brovdi spouse.

Thus, we are waiting for new competitive events and names discovered by "Silver Easel"!

Thank you for your advice and informational support, it is extremely important for our contest! It is extremely important for us and for the development of our contest! It is nice to have such partners! We wish you success and interesting materials for your publication!

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Olha Sobkovych, editor of "Fine Art" magazine: "Silver Easel" inspires!