The Grand Prix laureate Ihor Nekrakha: "Rome is an exciting and totally incredible city!"


01 December 2017
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Picasso and Monet, the Vatican Museums, touching architecture and ancient history. "The Eternal City" of Rome. And this is the first trip for the student-winner of the "Silver Easel" contest from the founders of the Grand Prix Robert and Nataliya Brovdi! What emotions did Ihor experience and what did he figure out for himself after the trip? What is the secret of his inspiration and what impressed him most! Now, we would like to share with you the impressions of this boy!

– My congratulations to you, Ihor! The first Grand Prix of the contest "Silver Easel" and the coveted statuette is yours! What are your feelings?

– When I got the Grand Prix, for the first 20 minutes I did not even understand what had happened. When I read the participation conditions and information about the prize funds, I did not even dream of the trip. Thus, when I got the Grand Prix, I felt so lost, as if it had happened not to me! To be honest, my feelings were quite interesting. And then I felt a great happiness!

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– How did you prepare for a trip? What information did you receive from the organizers and what did you add to your route?

– As a rule, preparing for a trip, I think of everything in detail – tickets, belongings, the route, it is very tedious for me. But this time I did not have to worry about anything because the Organizing Committee took care of everything: they got tickets, the routes were built with minute details. I also received the specified information about museums, galleries, what interesting I can see there. Thus, I just read everything and got ready. Many thanks to those people who helped with my trip!

– Rome – the capital of Italy with the true spirit of the Italian people, fragrant coffee, hot croissant for breakfast, incredible museums, galleries, sculptures and architectural beauty! Where have you been? What amazed you?

– Going to Rome, I did not even know what to start with, because it is such a unique city! There is everything the artist would like to see, from the Renaissance to the contemporary art. That's why everything was exciting for me – all the seven museums I’d managed to visit impressed me greatly.

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In general, to be honest, in a relatively short period it was possible to see a lot, absolutely every museum is unique. The Vatican Museum was breath-taking! I could not breathe, as it was so impressive! For several times I went back to Villa Borghese – a huge park almost in the city centre with three galleries. Just imagine, I was able to visit a great exhibition of Claude Monet! I dreamed a lot about it. I was also lucky enough to see the great Pablo Picasso – the exposition of almost 80 master’s paintings! Gallery of Contemporary Art of Rome was a pleasant surprise for me, I spent there more than four hours: it is the gallery, where you can walk for a few days and it will not be enough … 

Thus, I can for sure say that everything was amazing! Just walking down the street and find yourself thinking about every detail, a building, a balcony, and something new.… The whole Rome is an exciting city! Totally incredible!

– What did this trip mean to you as a creative person?

– It's an unforgettable experience, an opportunity to get acquainted with masterpieces, to get a sea of emotions. It was very cool!

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– Did you take paints and brushes with you? What were thoughts when you were walking down the streets of this ancient city?

– I took pastel, pencils, and pens. But when I got into the world of such a beauty – different types, genres, characters – I just got lost, I could not do anything! I had a feeling that everything had been already described by the outstanding artists – what else could I add? I couldn’t even explain it, but I was not spending time on something other than impressions!

– What is happening in your creative soul now? What are your plans? Ambitions?

– Frankly speaking, I’m still impressed with the trip, I try to put my thoughts together… Of course, I plan to keep painting, and now I am full of ambitions! I think about the forthcoming exhibitions, there are plans for the works I want to create… I'm very inspired!

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– A few wishes for our future students of the "Silver Easel" contest?

– I would like to wish the following: let the prizes not to be your major goal! "Silver Easel" is a place where students are to have rest, work freely, but not to worry and think of the future victory. It is necessary to relax, enjoy, meet new people, learn, communicate with famous artists… Just do what you can and the way you can! It is the wish I’ve missed so much, I would like to hear it during the first "Silver Easel".

– You are the first one of the laureates to have been to Europe! We are looking forward to your new works of art! We are proud of you and wish you great inspiration and more victories!

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Photo: Alessandra Zucconi



The Grand Prix laureate Ihor Nekrakha: "Rome is an exciting and totally incredible city!"