Serhii Holod, the co-founder of the confectionery house Folks: "The works of the "Silver Easel" participants are inspiring, it


23 December 2017
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The "Silver Easel" contest became not only the brightest event of the autumn, for the first time, it also had a sweet taste. The reason for it is our partner the confectionery house Folks, which pleased all the participants and Jury members with its individual sweet presents. The general director and co-founder of Folks, Serhii Holod, told us about his emotions from the contest (in the original language).

1-14.jpg — 169.78 kBThe general director and co-founder of Folks, Serhii Holod

– Serhii, we are glad to greet you as a partner of our contest! Why did the Folks team decide to join the contest?

– First of all, because of the emotional component of your project. As the artists reveal the art world through their inner prism of contrasts, experiences. They live in a peculiar world, and they always have an internal conflict, looking for balance. Thus, it is born a vision of something beautiful – it is an opportunity to touch something good. Our products are not just delicacies, these are, first of all, the emotions we bring based on our philosophy. At the "Silver Easel" there is a demand for emotions, so we are happy to join it. It's the exchange of positive emotions!

2-13.jpg — 656.95 kBProducts of the confectionery house Folks

– What did you see in the works of the contestants?

– We watched the paintings, had time to talk with talented guys, even peeking at the participants during the contest works performance (Smiling. – Author). It is evident that something brilliant is born with the portrait of youth. I am very proud of these guys! Their works are inspiring, it's like a breath of fresh air. One can see their inner world in those works!

– What did you feel talking to the guys?

– I felt how excited they were – this was the anticipation of something wonderful. And, there was such a special aura of warmth and smiles around them. I was happy for them. Participants came to the unfamiliar city, and they were immediately surrounded with love, care – they started to open themselves up. They were changing during the contest –become more open and relaxed.

3-10.jpg — 255.49 kBDesigner of the project Folks Tetiana Monych, Serhii Holod, Nataliya Brovdi (the co-founder of “Silver Easel” contest)

– How you, our sweet partners, pleased our participants? What did they receive as a gift from Folks?

– We prepared a set of delicacies for the participants. Since they are the supporters of aesthetic pleasure, we tried to pick up a set that would harmonize visually. We wanted to support the spark inside the guys with our prizes!

4_.jpg — 265.64 kBProducts of the confectionery house Folks

– Did the works of our participants inspire you?

– Sure, they did. One of the works deceived the viewer's eyes due to its hyperrealism: it seemed that there was something not painted, but real. Thanks to this work, we realized that the shell that appears to us does not always correspond to what it really is. Everything should carry not only the emotional splash but also a certain philosophy.

– "Silver Easel" is …

– "Silver Easel" finds a key to the door into a person’s inner world. And I would like to say the words from the cartoon: infinity is not a limit. I wish the guys to always move forward!

We are glad that such young and talented people like you support the "Silver Easel" contest. It is here that incredible works and new names are born! It seems to me that it reflects your work – aesthetics, colours brightness on the canvas and incredibly beautiful, delicious, sweet masterpieces from Folks! We wish you success and new admirers of the confectionery house!

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Serhii Holod, the co-founder of the confectionery house Folks: "The works of the "Silver Easel" participants are inspiring, it