Success story. Diana Faksh


11 September 2017
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Young, gifted, active – laureates of the Student Contest in Painting "Silver Easel" have actively started and keep paving their way in art. Therefore, we continue to acquaint readers with their success stories.

Diana Faksh – a young Ukrainian artist. She was born on February 27, 1996 in Kyiv. She studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts and Restoration of National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (Kyiv). Diana considers art to be her life, her whole world. “I’ve been painting since I was five – I studied in the specialized art school. So, in the future I see myself an artist”. In April 2017, she became a participant of the 2nd All-Ukrainian Students Contest in Painting "Silver Easel". She received two special prizes for her landscape from the partners of the "Silver Easel" contest – a cash prize from the well-known art dealer Igor Abramovych and organization of her personal exhibition in art space "SKLO" from ArtsLooker portal. On the eve of the exhibition, which will be held on September 11, 2017, Diana gave an interview to the portal (presented in full). IMG_8177.jpg — 113.86 kBDiana Faksh: “The major thing at the contest is to be yourself: forget who you are, forget everything that you have been taught”

The name of the young Kyiv artist Diana Faksh became known to our editorial staff when her landscape composition won our prize in the framework of the painting contest for students “Silver Easel”, which was held in Uzhhorod this spring. Our views coincided with the Ukrainian art dealer Igor Abramovych. Only on the stage we found out who the author was, knowing nothing about her before. As the conditions of the contest for both jury and partners involved that it was possible to choose your favourite only by the number of a particular participant's work. The ArtsLooker prize – organizing the first solo exhibition of the young artist in the Kyiv art space SKLO, the opening of which will take place on September 11. We talked to Diana Faksh, asked her about creative activity, about the contest and her recommendations to the future contestants.

– Diana, tell us about yourself, where do you study and how long have you been engaged in art?

– This year I graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Painting Faculty, namely from the studio of Mykola Storozhenko, majoring in sacral and temple painting. I got a bachelor's degree and now I am a postgraduate student of the Academy.
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I've been engaged in creativity since my childhood. At the age of three, my parents sent me to art school, which from the first to the eleventh grade combined general educational programme with creative disciplines. I received secondary education majoring in painting and decorative and applied arts. After graduation, I began attending Vira Krutilina's art studio and, accordingly, kept studying at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

– And, when exactly did you understand that you want to get art profession?

–Till the 5th grade, I still wanted to be a doctor, like my mother. But, at the end of studying I knew for sure that I wanted to be an artist. Thus, I have been painting for all my life and never had any questions about why I do it. I just like it!

– You took part in the All-Ukrainian Student Contest in Painting “Silver Easel” which was held this spring in Uzhhorod. How did you know about it and what you liked the most in the contest?

– I learned about the contest from my friend who encouraged me to take part in it. I really liked that young artists from different parts of Ukraine had the opportunity to gather in one place, to watch and learn from each other. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank for organizing the contest and for warm welcome in Uzhhorod – everything was at the highest level. I think that all the participants were very pleased after all. I plan to participate again in “Silver Easel” and return to this cosy city.

– The contest had three creative tasks: landscape, improvisation and portrait, which of the three tasks was the most difficult for you?

– Perhaps, improvisation was difficult: I did not understand the task well, and I had absolutely no idea what I would do. As a result, I was not satisfied with the composition. It was also difficult to choose any one particular place for the landscape, because Uzhhorod is really very beautiful. So, I could not resist and I had to make a collective image.
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– Have there been any creative changes in your art style after the contest, perhaps the recommendations of the jury or he organizers made you take a different look at your further development?

– I think that certain changes have exactly happened: I became more calm to someone else's criticism and began to trust my own feelings more. The contest itself, the process and the choice of the jury made everyone look at things differently, pay attention to what is peculiar to everyone personally, what should be given a special priority. The main idea of the contest was not in the victory, but in the process. I do not know about other contestants, but I became even more convinced that I had to grow up in a creative sense and to be more independent.

– You received two special prizes for your landscape from the partners of “Silver Easel” – a cash prize from the famous art dealer Igor Abramovych and organizing of your personal exhibition in the art space “SKLO” from ArtsLooker portal. Describe your emotions when your name was announced from the stage?

– To be honest, I did not even think that I would get a prize for my landscape. My relations with the landscapes have always been complex and ambiguous. It was very unexpected and therefore twice pleasant. It encourages to keep on working even more.

– What recommendations would you give to the future contestants for them to be also awarded by partners and jury?

– The major thing at the contest is to be yourself: forget who you are, forget about everything that you have been taught, forget about the rules and forget that you are at the contest – just paint for your own pleasure and show your own impression of what you have seen.faksh_diana._miskyy_peyzazh_-_diana_faksh._cityscape.jpg — 849.00 kB

– Pretty soon, on September 11, in the art space “SKLO” it will be opened your personal exhibition “Alleged Landscape” with the support of ArtsLooker. Which works will be presented at the exposition?

– Since my landscape was marked at the contest, I decided to try myself in this genre a little more. Therefore, I’ll present landscapes that surrounded me this summer and there will be several old works. Come and see for yourself (laughs)!

– Will it be your first personal exhibition in your art career?

– I’ve already had the exhibition where I presented a lot of my works, but it was not personal. Therefore, yes, it will be my first experience and I thank ArtsLooker for giving me the opportunity to hold this exposition.

– It will be a completely new project or the viewers will see anything from your previous works?

– This is a new project, but there will be several old works. The audience will be able to see the changes that have occurred in me, as in the artist for 4 years.

– What do you expect from this project?

– I want to look at my works from the outside, not as an artist, but as a spectator. This will help me understand in what direction I should move on. I'm curious whether my paintings will impress other people.

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Success story. Diana Faksh