Personal exhibition “Airport” of Oleh Drobotskyi


20 July 2018
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The indestructible strength of spirit against the background of ruins – in such a way the winner of the special prize of the “Silver Easel” contest Oleh Drobotskyi presented 242 days of defence of the Donetsk airport. On 18 July 2018, at the Rivne Local History Museum it was held the artist’s personal exhibition titled “Airport”.

The exposition is devoted to the theme of Russian aggression in the Ukrainian Donbas. In particular, we are talking about the events around the Donetsk airport and its defenders – the Cyborgs.

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In total, the exhibition presents about thirty works, made with oil on canvas in a realistic manner. Oleh Drobotskyi draws plots from the photographs of the author of the book “Airport” Serhii Loiko, as well as from video footage shot by eyewitnesses, and, in fact, from their stories.

Photo, according to Oleh Drobotskyi, tells about a specific moment, and therefore there are many details that can add clarity to the understanding of the moment. In his works, the author tries to focus on something specific, removing details.

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“I do not redraw photos, on the contrary I try to show my vision of what was happening there. Photo, video, stories of eyewitnesses, all these are documents, due to which I try to move in the events of a few years ago because I could not be their direct participant. In fact, this is the impetus for understanding the plot,”– explains the young artist.

The boy has been working on this topic for quite a long time and has already managed to present his own exhibition in Lviv. However, in his creativity, Oleh does not stand still and strives to develop.

“I started adding minimal colours – muffled, earthy. Therefore, if we compare previous works and more recent ones, the difference becomes noticeable: first I used only black and white paints. Now there are more shades, the palette is richer, but in general, the picture seems to be two-coloured, and only with detailed contemplation, other colours are visible. In addition, there were more works that have a prototype, and not executed on the basis of a specific photo.”

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The boy seeks to further develop this topic, improve his works compositionally and work on colour. In addition, there are already proposals to demonstrate his works in Lutsk.

The exhibition of works in the Rivne Museum of Local Lore will last until 12 August 2018.

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Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photo: Viktor Shubets
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Personal exhibition “Airport” of Oleh Drobotskyi