Polina Shcherbyna at the Ukrainian Contemporary Women’s Art Fest


22 June 2018
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The participant of the “Silver Easel” contest Polina Shcherbyna had the opportunity to talk about the art of compromise in her own and creative understanding. On 13 June 2018, the girl presented her works at the Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest at the Modern Art Research Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Arts (Kyiv).

The first festival of contemporary women's art, according to the organizers, should reveal “the art of compromise” – this is the main theme. A woman, as is known, is a keeper who can smooth conflicts and find a compromise, that's why it was decided to pay attention to the creativity of the fair sex.

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Women's image creation functions not only in conceptual or aesthetic dimensions but also by its existence violates complex questions about the role and perception of women in contemporary society. Women-artists, multifaceted by their nature, cross their disciplinary boundaries in their works and go beyond the issue of gender difference,” the organizers note.

Contestant of “Silver Easel” Polina Shcherbyna is not afraid of experiments and interesting combinations of materials in her work, and over the theme of the contradictions in the female nature, the girl has been working for a long time.

Women’s nature and its role in the contemporary world is contradictory, this topic gives impetus to think and is reflected in art, including my own,”– says Polina.

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The young artist presented three works in mixed techniques and installation: all this is a creative comprehension of a person in general and of a woman in particular, of her place in the society and the universe.

The installation of Polina Scherbyna calls the viewer to a dialogue about the birth in a new social space. The artist explains: “The installation has the form of a black cube that functions as space in space. The sound of gurgling reproduces the uterine feeling of darkness, of calm. And when the viewer emerges from the dark space of the cube into the light gallery space, a moment of birth appears in the social field. The ideal shape is a square and a circle that is born from red light, symbolizing divine craft and cosmic equilibrium – together they form a dualistic couple. And the closest to the earth part of the human body – the foot – is a symbol of the acceptance of human life.”

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Twenty artists have joined the participation in the Ukrainian Contemporary Women's Art Fest, among them Iryna Akimova, Anna Bitaieva, Mariana Honcharenko, Olesia Dvorak-Halik, Anna Kryvolap, Lina Kondes, Nina Murashkina, Nata Trandafir, Lilia Chavaha and other.

The exhibition will last during the month – until 13 July 2018.

Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photos provided by Polina Shcherbyna
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Polina Shcherbyna at the Ukrainian Contemporary Women’s Art Fest