A success story. Project "Labyrinth" by Denys Metelin and Nestor Lisovskyi


16 February 2018
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Participants of the Student Contest in Painting "Silver Easel" work hard, develop themselves and create their own art projects. Thus, the contestant Denys Metelin together with his friend Nestor Lisovskyi implemented the "Labyrinth" project in Lviv. We asked Denys about the project idea and what young artists wanted to say to the viewers.

1.jpg — 400.20 kBDenys Metelin

Utopia and dystopia, ideal and ruined world – this is the idea of the "Labyrinth" project. Returning home from the "Silver Easel" contest, Denys and his friend Nestor started their art project in “Rema” plant (Lviv).

The joint project of the representative of the gallery "Coloured Fox" Denys Metelin and the head of the studio "Shtukarium" Nestor Lisovskyi was implemented six months after the birth of the idea.  "At first, we intended to depict the utopian city but realized that in the end, every utopia becomes an anti-utopia. There are always losers, and thanks to their efforts and suffering, it can be kept the common "good". Therefore, as a result, this project is the embodiment of the transition from one state to another", Denys explains.

lab.jpg — 349.74 kBThe installation "Labyrinth"

On the territory of the plant, the guys built a large installation of 80 square meters – a labyrinth with several paths that lead to the centre. Inside the labyrinth, there is their vision of the city's struggle-utopia and anti-utopia. The struggle between light and darkness, ideal and chaos.

As the authors of the idea explain, a visitor finds himself in a labyrinth, wanders and seeks out – instead he comes to the centre, where the ideal, utopian is located – all this is as an allegory of that " pass through the ruined world to white, ideal".

"We built a geometric city: with a clear centre, circles that symbolized utopia, and the labyrinth around the city is an anti-utopia: everything is destroyed, pixelated, of different shapes," a young artist says.

1---.jpg — 101.56 kBThe installation "Labyrinth". Photo of Pavlo Dmyterko

In the city centre, the young artists made a performance: the installation of black boxes resembling the cave (as if the portal was in the destroyed world) and splattered them with white paint – as a symbol of the ideal victory. Then, within a few days, an ideal city of white boxes was built inside.

Access to the "Labyrinth" is free, therefore anyone can see it.

04_picture_jpg.jpg — 253.31 kBInstallation Center "Labyrinth"

Now Denys has started another art project, which he worked on even during the “Silver Easel” contest – it is a cartoon about the future.

Denys, we hope that all your future plans will be implemented, and your creative thinking and a non-standard view of things will generate more and more interesting ideas and projects!

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A success story. Project "Labyrinth" by Denys Metelin and Nestor Lisovskyi