"Silver Easel". Success story: Volodymyr Kohut


29 May 2018
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To speak with the viewers through an individual perception, to generate emotions and feelings – that was the idea of the work by Volodymyr Kohut, a participant of the "Silver Easel" contest. On 23 May 2018, the video of Volodymyr was presented by Voloshyn Gallery at the International Art Festival Kyiv Art Week.

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The co-founder of Voloshyn Gallery Julia Voloshyna said: "We presented five authors: Nastia Podervianska – textile, Vitalii Makovii – installation with small wheels that symbolizes people, we also demonstrate video by Volodymyr Kohut, the Czech artist and sculptor Rudolf Burda and another Transcarpathian artist Mykhailo Deyak and his painting on glass. All this is a kind of dialogue. "

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Volodymyr worked on the presented video "Artificial intelligence – Mimicry" for two months, so he had time to present it at the art fair in New York.

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"The work itself is made using 3D modelling. It is based on the idea that in the present world there is an extremely large number of anxiety factors that significantly affect a person. And a man himself starts to be only a part of the selected statistical data. We are talking about natural and artificial intelligence, where the latter, in fact, is the product of the activity of a person himself. There is a kind of dissonance, as a person begins to smooth out the expression of his intellect by his own work. Thus, it is created a vacuum of values ​​for each person – what is social life and what is intellect for him?" a young artist explains.

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The co-founder of Brovdi Art Nataliya Brovdi and Volodymyr Kohut

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Volodymyr Kohut told us that his work was taken well in New York: “The video was repeated, and the people, while contemplating it, were interested in understanding the idea. It generated feelings and made them think. A man can watch a work until he finds a key link inside himself and receives an answer: what is the intellect, what is the role of a man in technological progress and, more generally, in the development of the society?”

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Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photo: Robert Dovganych
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"Silver Easel". Success story: Volodymyr Kohut