Success story. The works of Andrii Chyzhov and Ruslan Luchka will be exhibited in China’s Glass Museum


10 April 2018
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Painting is not the only passion of numerous participants of the "Silver Easel." Thus, for example, the contestants of the 3rd "Silver Easel" Andrii Chyzhov and Ruslan Luchka work also with glass. On 20 March 2018, the students became the laureates of the first Prize named after Professor Andrii Bokotei for young artists-glaziers awarded in the premises of the National Museum in Lviv.

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The founder of the award is the gallery "Greenway" (Wuxi, China). It was initiated to support students and professional glass artists under the age of 35 and give them the opportunity to present their works at the Glass Museum in Ningbo, China. The prize was timed to the anniversary of the master of brass glass Andrii Bokotei – on 21 March the artist celebrated the 80th anniversary.

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28 artists applied for participation – both students and graduates. Among them, there are two participants of the “Silver Easel contest Andrii Chyzhov and Ruslan Luchka. It is interesting that both of them were the prize-winners: Ruslan took the second prize and Andrii – the third one. The first prize was taken by Kyryl Bilan, who will take part in the 2nd International Conference of Glaziers in China.

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Andrii Chyzhov told: "From my childhood, I was surrounded by glass - my mother and grandmother also worked with this material. Since 2013 I’ve been studying at the Lviv National Academy of Arts at the Department of Art Glass – the only one in Ukraine. I want to show glass as glass – to express it in different ways, with different techniques. I want to show the purity, the transparency of the ringing glass."

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Ruslan Luchka, unlike his colleagues, has been dealing with glass rather recently – he was previously working with paints, but he’s making progress in his work: "Why glass? It's hard to answer, but I can say that it was a striking example of determinism in my life, and, I emphasize it, I did not regret a minute of that. I did not expect high prizes – I try not to think about yesterday and tomorrow, I’m living today."

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One can visit the exhibition until 20 April 2018 at the Lviv Glass Museum.

Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photo provided by contest participants
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Success story. The works of Andrii Chyzhov and Ruslan Luchka will be exhibited in China’s Glass Museum