Olesia Rybchenko: "Ukrainians have a special code of the nation"


30 April 2018
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Ceramic necklace and vyshyvanka is her lifestyle – love for traditions is demonstrated not only in creativity. The works of Olesia Rybchenko, "Silver Easel" participant, are distinguished by their Ukrainian style. The girl puts in them all her love for the cultural achievements of the nation and gladly presents them in the exhibition space of other countries. We asked Olesia about her love for ethno-mathematics and what inspires her.

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Olesia Rybchenko twice participated in the Student Contest in Painting "Silver Easel", and at that time she was distinguished among the others by her special approach – love for Ukrainian motives. The girl admits that she has been interested in traditions since her childhood.

"Our family used to respect the Ukrainian customs, cherish them. But I remember a moment when the new teachers came to my school and we started learning the Petrikivka painting with them very vividly. It excited me greatly – this is the basis of our unique code of the nation. And here are paints, brushes, this smell – everything started here," Olesia shares.

01.jpg — 1.20 MB`13 Sunflowers`, 2015, oil on canvas, 98x77

The girl began to actively work on the Ukrainian theme in the academy – then there were a lot of stylized portraits. Now the young artist is studying the history of ancient and contemporary Ukrainian traditions, analysing them in the framework of her diploma work. She is focused on clothes, because it, as Olesia says, characterizes the image of a person, reflects the people culture. At the same time, she doesn’t ignore the colour palette of the Ukrainian embroidery, experimenting with various combinations of red and black typical for most regions of the country.

The girl gets inspiration from the works of the Ukrainian avant-garde artists, whose works were close to the nation, but they let it through their own perception prism. With a brush in her hands, Olesia plunges into the world of music of the contemporary ethnic groups, and new characters with a Ukrainian soul appear on her canvases.

"I’ve loved it since my childhood – with mother’s lullaby, with grandma's vyshyvanka… And when you get older, you start thinking about it, guided not only by genetic memory but by your deliberate choice," the artist says.

03.jpg — 808.64 kB`Girl With A Green Ribbon`, 50x40

Among the works of the talented young artist, there are more portraits, but the girl is not limited to one thing – she also likes to perform landscapes in plein air or genre compositions in the studio.

Olesia Rybchenko presented her works to more than one Ukrainian museum (in Chernihiv, Zaporizhzhia, Vinnytsia, and the Carpathians). However, she wants that the theme of Ukrainian culture to sound in the whole world, thus she often left her paintings as a present after plein airs abroad.

The girl thinks that "Silver Easel" was an impetus to actions, an opportunity to communicate with like-minded people and to understand, how large, interesting and different Ukraine is. "It's cool that we have such a unique contest! The main thing is not to miss your chance and act," the artist says.

Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photos provided by Olesia Rybchenko
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Olesia Rybchenko: "Ukrainians have a special code of the nation"