Andrii Chyzhov and Anastasiia Khudiakova visited a plein air in Israel


30 March 2018
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Two contestants of the "Silver Easel" Andrii Chyzhov and Anastasiia Khudiakova joined a painting plein air Holy Land which lasted 18 – 25 March 2018 in Israel. Young artists had the opportunity not only to paint landscapes of the Holy Land but also to present their own works performed in Ukraine.

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Six Ukrainian artists participated in the plein air, organized by the "Art-Module" Art Association (Lviv) and the Life & Hope Cultural Centre (Haifa). In particular: Olena Zherebetska (Lviv), Mykola Kuryliuk (Lviv), Ihor Panchuk (Krakow, Poland), Ihor Khilko (Chernivtsi), Anastasiia Khudiakova (Kharkiv), and Andrii Chyzhov (Lviv).

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The curator of the project, the chairman of the "Art-Module" Ivan Bilan says: "This plein air is the first stage of the" Art-Travel "project, consisting of a series of plein airs in 15 countries of the Eurasian continent and aims to present Ukrainian art in the world, establish relations within the art circles of different countries for the implementation of joint projects in the future. Symbolically, we start from the Holy Land to receive the blessing of God for the realization of our cultural mission. In the contest of Holy Land, we wanted to bring a piece of Ukraine to the Ukrainian diaspora in Israel."

The painting plein air was opened by the exhibition of works by Ukrainian artists in Haifa – each participant presented three of his own works performed in Ukraine. The major part was landscapes, but portraits and genre works were also presented.

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The participant of "Silver Easel" Andrii Chyzhov took part in a foreign project for the first time in his life. Thus, he said: "Ukraine inspires me to create works about it. I’m also inspired by forests, fog, thunderstorms, winds, smells. By beloved people, as well as smiles and looks. It was very interesting how my creativity would be perceived in Israel, how the indigenous people and the Ukrainian diaspora would react to it. I wanted to awaken or strengthen memories of Ukraine in the hearts of our compatriots. Moreover, to see how the leitmotif of Ukrainian art would be read in a completely different context."

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After the exhibition, the participants went to the Israel cities Netanya, Haifa, Jerusalem, Nazareth, Capernaum, where they enjoyed unusual landscapes, created and rested. According to the results of the plein air, it was presented one more exhibition.

Anastasia Khudiakova, a participant of the "Silver Easel", said that she had already been to foreign plein airs, but this event was interesting because it gave the opportunity to feel and see everything from the other side, building a bridge between an artist from Ukraine and a Ukrainian in Israel. "The post-plein air exhibition seemed to be very successful because we had a complete freedom of action: we could choose whatever material, work format, style. No boundaries – just creativity! It was extremely pleasant to observe the reaction of the exhibition’s visitors: a lot of Ukrainian emigrants responded and came to support us. They were interested in it and everyone had their own tastes. I personally performed 5 works during the plein air and presented them at the exhibition."

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In total, 18 works were presented at the exhibition, made in watercolour, oil and acrylic in a realistic and abstract manner.

Next plein airs under the title "Three capitals", Art Association "Art Module" intends to hold this April in Budapest (Hungary), Austria (Vienna), and Bratislava (Slovakia).

Text: Kseniia Shokina 
Photo: Andrii Chyzhov
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Andrii Chyzhov and Anastasiia Khudiakova visited a plein air in Israel