The participants of "Silver Easel" at the plein air in Vyzhnytsia


16 May 2018
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Sharing of experience, new contacts and endless motives for creativity – in Vyzhnytsia, Chernivtsi region, it was held the internationally famous plein air. Participated in it were 25 artists, among which there were three participants of "Silver Easel" contest – Andrii Chyzhov, Zlata Shyshman and Iryna Tahyrtsia.

32.jpg — 407.11 kBPlein air in Vyzhnytsia

The plein air "Vyzhnytsia" is held for the second year in a row and gathers artists from different regions of Ukraine. This year it was also attended by the participants from abroad.

Curator of the project Ivan Bilan says: "We set the goal of creating in Vyzhnytsia a platform for cultural events of various kinds – lectures, plein airs, exhibitions, etc. There are all the backgrounds for it: the incredible nature of the Carpathians, Vyzhnytsia College of Applied Arts named after V. Y. Shkribliak as well as the support of the local authorities – what else is it needed?"

The artists worked for seven days and the results were excellent: there were almost 150 works performed during the plein air. Of course, the leading genre is a landscape, because the nature of the ancient Carpathians did not leave anyone indifferent. Basically, the works were done in a realistic manner and they demonstrated the best traditions of Ukrainian landscape painting.

25.jpg — 519.51 kBZ. Shyshman. Plein air in Vyzhnytsia

The participant of the "Silver Easel" Zlata Shyshman is delighted by the plein air: "I really wanted to go to the plein air in the mountains. A lot of my friends-artists came there, and, inspired by their stories, I also dreamt of it. I did not make me regret: people, nature, and colour are different from my native Odessa, so I worked smoothly. In addition, I travelled with my friend and fellow student Iryna Tahyrtsia, but it was quite pleasant to see on more participant of the "Silver Easel" – Andrii Chyzhov.  Unforgettable impressions! I shall admit that inspiration and interesting motives are enough not for one work!"

41.jpg — 404.16 kB A. Chyzhov. Plein air in Vyzhnytsia

As for Andrii Chyzhov, he was at the plein air in the mountains not for the first time. He recalls: "I visited the plein air in Vyzhnytsia just after the “Silver Easel” – in autumn 2017, and thus I fell in love with this picturesque place. Most of the participants in the plein air are the professional artists and teachers of art disciplines. So working with such people was extremely interesting and useful. In general, the plein air for me is the most comfortable way of sharing experience between artists. And when you are surrounded by the experienced artists from all over Ukraine and Poland, you unwittingly follow their creative process – they have already developed their style and skilfully use the painting techniques. I got a lot of impressions, inspiration, I'm incredibly happy!"

Nature inspired the artists not only to create landscapes –  there were also still lifes, a series of abstract works. Moreover, the artists worked on the embodiment of the image of a girl in a Ukrainian folk costume. We used oil paints more often, but there are some watercolours and acrylic works.

28.jpg — 406.77 kB I. Tahyrtsia. Plein air in Vyzhnytsia

Another young artist Iryna Tahyrtsia is also pleased with the results of the plein air. The girl says: "The week turned out to be very fruitful and rich, and the beauty of the Carpathians played an important role in it. It is important of course to get acquainted with people who have devoted half of their life to their favourite work. I think that my special achievement is the acquaintance with the family of the local artist Volodymyr Voroniuk. In general, local people are the most hospitable of those whom I’ve met! I wish prosperity to this project, because its curator, Ivan Bilan, does good things. I understood that we have to dream and work, then everything will come to our lives in the best possible way."

55.jpg — 1.03 MBPlein air in Vyzhnytsia

At the end of the plein air, two galleries of Chernivtsi presented the exhibition of the plein air works.  It will last until 1 June 2018. One can see them at Steinbarg Gallery as well as in the Culture Centre "Vernissage" (15 Franko str.).

Text: Kseniia Shokina
Photo: Andrii Chyzhov

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The participants of "Silver Easel" at the plein air in Vyzhnytsia