To be real and frank. Advice to the participants at the opening of the "Silver Easel"


10 October 2017
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Mastery and academicism or painting without limitations – how to paint to be chosen by the jury member and partners of "Silver Easel"? How to paint in order to impress? Of course, there cannot be precise advice, but during the opening of the contest its founders, members of the Expert Council and jury, as well as the eminent artists in their studios instructed the students, told them what to pay attention to and where to move.

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The contestants received the first recommendations during the official opening on 9 October. The founders of the Art & Culture Foundation Brovdi Art and the contest "Silver Easel" Robert and Nataliya Brovdi wished talented young boys and girls to successfully use this unique chance, create, get inspired and communicate with their senior colleagues. "About fifty very respectable and prominent people will watch your works, some of them will advise and give instructions to you, someone will judge the works you’ll create for three contest days,” Robert Brovdi said. It's a great chance for you to talk to the qualified colleagues, get an invaluable experience and learn something new. In addition, you have a unique chance to make an important step in your development and promotion, because the well-known modern art dealers of Ukraine will come here: Igor Abramovych, Max and Yulia Voloshyn have already given a significant impetus to your predecessors on their future work. There will be reputable critics, curators who will not only advise you but also invite the best of you to participate in their own projects."

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"To be real, frank and open during the performance of the contest works is my advice for you," Nataliya Brovdi added. Do only what you feel, what your heart tells you. Be inspired by your creativity and feel what surrounds you."

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The people’s artist of Ukraine, an academician, the classic of the Transcarpathian school of painting Volodymyr Mykyta noted that the participants face a difficult task, but everything will come out if they will work fruitfully and attentively, find themselves, won’t cheat off, but create their own. “I do not like to give advice or instructions, that’s why I wish everyone to be creative, show the entire picture when it goes about the landscape. You should not see only the architecture or nature, notice the overall creative picture. The most important - to avoid repetition, copying, but to lay your personal vision out."

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A member of the Expert Council of the contest famous Transcarpathian artist Anton Kovach addressed with his instructions: "I would like to wish you nice mood, no taboo and, of course, to win. I express gratitude to the organizers, and the competent Jury will choose the best ones."

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A member of the Expert Council, Andrii Kartashov, before the first contest task, wished young artists to be real and enjoy it. "The main thing is that the works to be carried out at a high professional level. If it is your thought, reproduce it qualitatively. If this is an interesting technique, then it should be successfully demonstrated. Be yourself, because sincerity multiplied by professionalism will never be left unnoticed."

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An art critic, lecturer of the Transcarpathian Academy of Arts Oksana Havrosh: "I hope that you will be able to accumulate all your creative skills and demonstrate them within the 3rd "Silver Easel".

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To be real and frank. Advice to the participants at the opening of the "Silver Easel"