Zakhar Shevchuk: “To say that Paris inspired me is like to say nothing!”


09 December 2017
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The Grand Prix Laureate Zahar Shevchuk came back from the romantic Paris. The Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and the Pompidou Centre, the old streets and just an incredible atmosphere - the young artist is still full of all these emotions. And we are the first ones he sincerely shares his impressions with.

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– Bonjour, Zakhar! You returned from France, so we decided to say hello this way! How do you feel about winning the main prize of the "Silver Easel"? Did you have any expectations about the Grand Prix?

– Bonjour! (He smiles. – Auth.) Receiving awards is very pleasant indeed, because you feel that you are worth something and your work has found its viewer. For the artist it is important a dialogue not only with his work but also a dialogue of his work with viewer. I did not even think or expect any prize. And when I heard my name, I experienced incredible emotions!

– What was your reaction when you found out about Paris? Did you any associations with the city?

– It is interesting that I got Paris – I have not been there yet! It was exactly a sign! Certainly, I had some ideas about this romantic city, but to feel your eyes with it is completely different thing! First of all, I thought about the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame de Paris from typical pictures of Paris, but no one told about the exquisite atmosphere of the city's architecture itself and beautiful panorama views! Even the weather had no chance to spoil my impressions.

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– Did you feel yourself local there, having a French breakfast every morning? What language did you speak? With what thoughts did you wake up and how did you plan your day?

– I cannot say that one feels local at once, but still French croissants with coffee are great! Especially, if you have such a breakfast in Paris. There were no problems with communication, because all employees of public institutions know English. I made a plan for each day before the trip and not in vain, because there were a lot of places and museums and time was not enough - I wanted to see everything. Therefore, every evening I knew where I would be tomorrow and I went to bed in anticipation of new impressions.

– How energetic is Paris for you? For example, when travelling, one can decide that ‘this is "MY" city and I want to return here again’ or "I liked it here, but not so much". Please share your feelings!

– The first impression was pleasanter than I imagined. Apparently, during this period I did not have time to fully understand my attitude. In some time, I think, it will be formed more clearly, but I surely would like to return there. It is interesting to visit Paris in the warmer period of a year, I think, it is even more romantic.

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– It seems to me that a creative person will necessarily want to paint this city, a person in love – to declare his love, and what dreams or wishes did you have? Do you want to create? Do you have new ideas?

– To say that the trip inspired me is not enough – it’s like to say nothing. Such a beautiful city, a lot of museums, works of your favourite authors cannot remain you indifferent! In Paris, I had no time, but just after coming to the airport, waiting for the plane, I immediately took out my notebook and started drawing!

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– Please share with us your impressions of the trip’s organization. Where did you go, what inspired you?

– My plans were to visit key museums, therefore, having analysed their open hours, I made plans for these days. I was at the Pompidou Centre, the Louvre, the Musée d'Orsay, the Orangerie and the museums of the contemporary art. I paid attention to when the museum is open longer and on that day I went there. I was walking around the city in the morning, while it was sunny, but it was very pleasant wandering along the beautiful streets of night Paris, visiting various fairs. Thus I went to Montmartre at the places where once the famous artists walked and drank coffee in the "Two Mills" coffee shop, where the main character of the "Amelie" film worked. I visited the Luxembourg Garden and the Eiffel Tower, examines the Notre Dame from all its sides. I even managed to get into the Paris Academy of Arts. And on one of the central streets I accidentally stumbled upon the house with a bright signboard, which said that 59 artists were working here and everyone could come in to see it, which I of course did.

– What thoughts or plans for the future were formed after the trip? Will the presence of the French spirit be felt in your works? After your story, one would like to book a ticket and escape to unplanned holidays! It seems I've already plunged into this incredible world of art, galleries, museums, and taste of French coffee!

– I do not know if the aroma of France will appear on the works, but still I had a lot of impressions and emotions, so they will be enough for a long time.

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– What will be your wishes for the future contestants, who, just like you, will win and receive the Grand Prix?

– I want to wish each participant of the contest to prove themselves without fearing. Let everybody feels absolutely free, as this is the goal the contest, where everyone can be fully honest and do what he believes in.

– Thank you for cool and atmospheric photos, and emotional story! You told us very enthusiastic details and it seems like we've been to Paris with you! We are glad for you and wish you creative success, new projects, great desire to create and inspire us!

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Zakhar Shevchuk: “To say that Paris inspired me is like to say nothing!”